Isodraht Profiles


Liljedahl Bare Wire is a leading supplier of copper wire rod, wires, stranded conductors, profiles and overhead catenary systems in aluminum, copper and copper alloys.

Liljedahl Bare Wire consists of three companies; AB Elektrokoppar (Sweden),  Isodraht (Germany) and Liljedahl Wire (China), each strong in its own geographical market. This enables us to offer our customers the extra support and capability that comes with being a part of a dynamic global group.

We are driven by the power of permanent improvement – and always with the customer in focus. The result is high quality products, reliability, attention to detail and a strong technical partnership.


10th Anniverary Celebrations

It is now 10 years since we started our company in China; Liljedahl Wire.
China is a huge and growing market for the kind of products we supply from Liljedahl Bare Wire.
We have great possibilities to grow with our existing customers and products and also to enter into new segments of the Chinese market.